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Levy EOC offers text opt-in for COVID-19 updates

COVID-19 Levy EOC Text Opt-In Service

Levy County Emergency Management logoAs a way to ensure that our residents and visitors have the ability to receive regular updates about what is going on in Levy County, the Levy County Department of Emergency Management has created a Text Opt-In service for Levy specific COVID-19 information.

Please note that this WILL NOT replace the AlertLevy Emergency Notification System. Emergency situations and information will still be sent via the standard emergency notification system.

By signing up, residents and visitors will receive text messages that will contain non-emergency, nonconfidential information about COVID-19 issues and information that is specific to Levy County.  Anyone with a cell phone that has text capability can register, but it is recommended that you only register if you are a resident of Levy County, have family in Levy County, or regularly visit Levy County.  Please see below on how to register:





 *Standard text message rates may apply. Text STOP to discontinue notifications Levy County Emergency Management 7911 NE 90 Street, Bronson, Florida 32621