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Lawns Receiving Too Much Water

Afternoon showers and storms are now a frequent occurrences in our area. Despite recent rainfall, the automatic sprinkler systems are still running.  It is possible to overwater areas of the landscape, including lawns.  Too much water leads to many problems including weed infestations, root and leaf diseases, leaching of nutrients, and build up of thatch.  Many turfgrasses will be weakened if they remain wet for long periods of time.

The best practice is to turn off the automatic system unless you will be out of town.  Learn the signs that indicate the turfgrass is needing water.  These include folded turf blades, footprints that remain in the lawn after walking, and a grayish green color to the lawn.  Of course, you can always feel in the soil to determine soil moisture levels.  If you notice these signs, set your system to run the next morning and supply 3/4 inch of water.  Do not water again until you see signs of drought stress.

For more information on watering your lawn, visit the UF Publication Let Your Lawn Tell You When to Water

Learn how to calibrate your sprinkler system with Dr. Laurie Trenholm.

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