What’s Bugging You, Florida?

If you live in Florida, or visit here, you know that the Sunshine State is home to many bugs. Thousands of species of insects, spiders, mites and other creepy-crawly arthropods roam the state — some beneficial to people, some potentially harmful to people, some neither, some both.

You may have a few questions about Florida’s bugs. That’s why we’re here.

UF/IFAS entomology experts want to make sure you get the facts about Florida’s bugs. So, as part of the yearly BugWeek@UF celebration, we’re providing these FAQ document on Florida’s bugs, with frequently asked questions and science-based answers.

You can visit the FAQ at the IFAS Blogs What’s Bugging You FAQ’s Website.

And if you have questions that aren’t addressed in the current version of the FAQ, let us know — write to webteam@ifas.ufl.edu. Many of the questions submitted will be featured on the UF/IFAS Facebook and Twitter pages during BugWeek@UF, every May. And the online FAQ will continue to grow as new material arrives.