Trouble Sticking to your New Year’s Resolution? Look to Nature

Happy New Year! Have you set goals or resolutions for 2020? Whether your resolution is to focus on your health, spend more time with family and friends, or try a new hobby, there are many ways to incorporate nature to help achieve your goals.


Many of us have goals to focus on our health in 2020. One of the greatest threats to our health is the amount of stress in our lives. Take a break from the daily stresses of life to decompress in nature. Recent studies show that just sitting outside for 20 minutes can reduce your stress cortisol levels. If your goal is to move more, take up hiking, biking, or walking outside to increase the health benefits even further.



If your goal is to spend more quality time with your family, look to nature for family-friendly activities. Take walks outside, plant a tree, or care for a garden together. Take a pledge together to use less plastic or water. If you’re competitive, turn it into a challenge.



If you are looking to try something new in 2020, there are many exciting nature-related hobbies. For instance, you can take up bird watching, fishing, hiking, or kayaking. Many other hobbies such as painting, reading, or yoga can be taken outside. You can learn to garden or care for plants. To get you started, attend a class at UF/IFAS Extension Osceola County. Go to or call the office at 321-697-3000 for a calendar of upcoming events.



Perhaps you already incorporate the above suggestions into your life. Consider setting a goal to be a steward to the environment in 2020. You can minimize waste and plastic use by using reusable straws, bags, and containers. Take your bike or walk more instead of driving. Volunteer for a community clean-up or create one yourself!

Regardless of your goals for 2020, take some time to appreciate nature and the wonderful benefits we get from the environment. Without clean water, clean air, plants, wildlife, and land we would not be able to live happy and healthy lives. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020 and beyond!



Posted: January 14, 2020

Category: Health & Nutrition, Natural Resources, Recreation
Tags: Environment, Fitness, Goals, Health, Hiking, Nature, Recreation, Resolutions

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