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EDIS Update: Biology and Management of Spanish Needles (Bidens spp.) in Ornamental Crop Production

This EDIS document focuses on Bidens alba and B. pilosa, or commonly known as Spanish Needles.These species are both found as weeds in container nurseries and landscapes in FloridaBoth species are referred to as Spanish needles in this document but are also known as beggar-ticks.

Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) collecting pollen from Spanish needles (Bidens alba). Photo credit: Josh Hillman.

Landowners, gardeners, horticulturists and consumers will benefit from this document by having an increased understanding of this plant’s management and classification. The specie’s description covers its class, family, life span, habitat, distribution, seedling, growth habits, shoots and roots. The plant’s management can be done through physical, cultural and chemical practices.

To view the whole document and download, follow this link.

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