Weed of the Week: Oxalis

Last Updated on August 12, 2020 by Caroline Warwick

Welcome to Weed Science Wednesday, a weekly series aimed at helping homeowners and horticulture professionals better identify and manage common landscape weeds in Florida.

This week’s weed of the week is Oxalis (Oxalis stricta). Oxalis is prevalent throughout the eastern and central United States, often found in woodlands, grasslands, turf and disturbed natural sites. Oxalis is a cool-season perennial that persists year-round in warmer climates, such as Florida.

Oxalis growing in a nursery liner.

Oxalis is a menace to horticulturalists due to its prolific seed production, as a single plant may produce up to 5,000 seeds in a year. Seeds are dispersed up to 16 feet from the plant due to the explosive action of splitting the seed pods.

For more information on oxalis, including specific recommendations for chemical, physical and cultural weed controls, please consult Biology and Management of Oxalis (Oxalis stricta) in Ornamental Crop Production.


Posted: August 12, 2020

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