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Calling all Columbia County 4-H Bloggers

Wanted: 4-H “Media Masters”.

Love to blog and use Facebook? Want to get the word out about the wonderful world of 4-H using blogs and print media? Are you between the ages of 8 and 18 and are a current Columbia County 4-H member? Do you want to practice your writing in a really FUN way? Then join the NEW 4-H Media Masters. We will be meeting once a month to work on the 4-H newsletter and 4-H Blog. Your input and expertise is very much needed and wanted, though no experience is necessary. Our first meeting will be October 23 at 6 pm at the Extension Office.

At our first meeting will be setting the schedule for our meetings during the year, selecting an editor(s), brainstorming ideas for articles for the 4-H Blog, and getting ideas together for special speakers, and field trips. You will be the reporters, the reviewers, the photographers…You will be the ones that help get the word out and keep everyone informed. How would you like the newsletter and blog to look? What would we need to include to make sure everyone gets the information? What could we do so that everyone wants to read “whats next”? Let’s do this

Remember, our first meeting will be October 23 at 6 pm at the Extension Office. If you cant be there, but still want to join, please call and let Dr. Cindy know that you are interested in being a 4-H Medial Master. We would love to have anyone that would like to help, learn, and be involved in this very new project.

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