NATA hosts first core workshop since start of pandemic

NATA was thrilled to be able to offer its first core workshop since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Managing for Diversity across Florida’s Unique Landscapes was offered in a hybrid format (comprised of both an online and in-person component) in November. Participants were required to complete approximately 12 hours worth of online coursework within the Canvas learning platform, and attend the two day in-person workshop at Morningside Nature Center and Longleaf Flatwoods Preserve in Gainesville.

Course overview
people in a wetland
Participants at Longleaf Flatwoods Preserve in Gainesville.

This hybrid workshop attempts to build understanding of management and restoration approaches that conserve and promote biodiversity. Participants learn about the role of restoration in maintaining biodiversity over the long term; gain experience collecting data in the field to evaluate upland restoration success and assess wetland health; and learn how to prioritize which invasive species are most deserving of early treatment. The workshop in November featured a number of hands-on activities and group learning experiences. At the end of the second day, 23 individuals earned their certificate.

New this year

New this year, we welcomed 3 new instructors to share their knowledge of land management history at Morningside Nature Center, management of invasive amphibians including the Cuban tree frog and cane toad, and to provide a unique perspective on invasive plants and upland restoration.

Thank you to our instructors

Thank you to all of the instructors that agreed to return another year and contribute, as well as to those instructing this workshop for the first time: Deb Stone (DEP), Nicole Barbieri (City of Gainesville), Jodi Slater (SJRWMD), Jeremy Olson (SJRWMD), Natalie Claunch (University of Florida), John Griffin (USDA/APHIS), and Elizabeth Ramirez (USDA Forest Service).

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Posted: December 20, 2021

Category: Natural Resources, Professional Development, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: Managing For Diversity, MFD, NATA, Natural Areas Training Academy, Workshops

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