It’s Hay Contest Time

It is always recommended that producers sample their hay, and have it analyzed to determine the nutritional value. This enables producers to make the most efficient usage of their various cuttings and be able to better plan and deliver any needed supplementation.

Hay contests are a fun way to encourage producers to have their hay analyzed and to recognize those who are producing high quality hay and baleage. For the past several years, Washington County hay producers have been invited to participate in the Southeastern Hay Contest and the Washington County Hay Contest. Beginning this year, Washington County entries will also be included in the Florida Hay Contest. A single entry (one sample and one form) covers all three contests.

The three contests each have different categories, giving quality samples more opportunities to be recognized.

Contact me if you would like to enter a sample(s). I will take care of collecting samples and making sure the entry form is filled out correctly.

All samples need to be collected and mailed by August 26th (this is several weeks earlier than in the past).

There is a $22 fee per sample. This fee includes the standard $20 lab fee for the analysis, so really it only costs $2 to enter all three contests.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to submit a sample or if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Mauldin UF/IFAS Extension, Washington County – or 850-638-6180


Posted: July 15, 2020

Category: Agriculture, Events
Tags: Hay Contest

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