Meet the 2018 4-H Camp Timpoochee Staff!

Your 2018 4-H Camp Staff has just finished a week of training where they learned all the skills they need to make your camp week the best ever! Ms. Ariel, 4-H Camp Timpoochee’s Director, interviewed the staff so you could find out a little bit more about them. She asked them their favorite song, favorite camp activity and had them finish this sentence: “I wanted to be camp staff because….”

Jesse J. is from LaGrange, GA, and is a 3rd year staffer. Her favorite song is What Can Make a Hippo Smile. Her favorite camp activities are archery and outdoor skills. Jessie says, “I have always enjoyed leading people and helping them grow in their own way. By becoming staff I can really impact children by being a positive staff.”

Teagan is from Madison, FL, and is a 2nd year camp staff member. Her favorite camp song is Herman the Worm and her favorite camp activity is OMC – Organized Mass Chaos! Teagan says, “I wanted to be that person I looked up to at camp.”

Jack is all the way from Swansea, Whales, so you’ll notice his accent is quite different from ours! He’s a 2nd year staffer who loves to sing Baby Shark and dance. Jack says, “Waking up and loving what I do-it doesn’t feel like a job. I get to impact others in positive ways and help children grow.”

Zach is from Bonifay, FL and is a 1st time staff member. His favorite song is Princess Pat and his favorite camp activity is kayaking. Zach says “I wanted to impact kids in a positive way.”

Miles is from the west coast – Santa Rosa, CA – and this is his 1st year as a camp staff member. His favorite song is Yogi Bear, and his favorite camp activity is kayaking. Miles says “I wanted to be camp staff to help guide kids to be leaders.”

Matt, a 1st time staff member from Pensacola, FL, loves to sing The Coconut Song and play Capture the Flag most of all. Matt says he wanted to become camp staff “to offer kids the same experience I had as a kid.”

Jessie M., a 1st time staff member, is from Chipley, FL. Her favorite camp song is Tarzan. If you’re looking for her on camp and can’t find her, she’ll probably be in the Arts and Crafts room because that’s her favorite camp activity. Jessie says, “I wanted to help give kids a sense of belonging.”

Mason is from Cottondale, FL, and it’s his 1st time being camp staff. His favorite song is Five Little Muffins, and his favorite camp activity is kayaking. Mason says, “I wanted to positively impact youth.”

Savannah, from Trenton, FL, is a 1st time staff member. Her favorite song is Pink Pajamas. She’ll probably get you to sign it lots of times during her favorite camp activity – campfire. Savannah says, “I wanted to help make a positive impact.”

Thanks to 4-H Camp Timpoochee’s Resident Director, Ariel Blanton, for interviewing her staff for us. Next week, we’ll learn about Ms. Neva’s staff at 4-H Camp Cherry Lake. If you’d like to learn more about 4-H Camp and its positive impacts, contact your 4-H Agent:


Posted: June 7, 2018

Category: 4-H & Youth, Camp
Tags: Washington

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