Pond Weed Management Workshop June 8

Weeds can transform a pond from a source of enjoyment to a source of frustration. A workshop on June 8 will help enable pond owners to battle unwanted weeds.
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A pond can be a source of great enjoyment or great frustration for a landowner. Excessive growth of aquatic plants can be one of the surest ways to tip the scales from enjoyment to frustration. Pond weeds can alter the aesthetics of a pond and have a negative impact on recreational activities, like fishing and boating. Due, in large part, to the unusually warm winter we had, excessive weed growth will likely be a major problem for pond owners this summer. Even if you have not had to control weeds in your pond in the past, it is quite possible that they will be a problem this year. Battling pond weeds can be challenging but when equipped with accurate information success is achievable.

In an effort to help citizens be better equipped to safely and effectively deal with unwanted, excessive plant growth in there ponds UF/IFAS Extension, Washington County is hosting a Pond Weed Management Workshop on Thursday, June 8th. Key concepts relating to weed prevention, weed identification, and weed control will be addressed. These concepts pertain to large and small ponds alike. Anyone who owns or manages a pond is encouraged to attend.

[important]Bring specimens of problem weeds for identification and control recommendations[/important]

The Workshop will be held at the Washington County Agricultural Center in Chipley. The workshop will begin at 6pm. A meal will be served. In order to ensure adequate food and materials are available advanced registration is required by Friday, June 2. There is a $10 registration fee for this event, payable at the door. If you have any questions or would like to register contact the Washington County Extension Office at 850-638-6180 or mdm83@ufl.edu. Please see the flyer below for more information.



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Posted: May 2, 2017

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