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Pasture Classes – 2nd Tuesdays, June – September

Principles of Pasture Productivity - 2nd Tuesday of each month; June - September

Principles of Pasture Productivity – 2nd Tuesday of each month; June – September

Making the grass grow is not as simple or easy as many of us would like it to be. Even so, it is essential to successful livestock operations. Anyone who has grazing livestock needs to understand the fundamental principles of forage production. Whether you are providing forage for one horse or 1000 cows the fundamental principles are the same. In an effort to help livestock producers gain a better understanding of these principles UF/IFAS Extension is presenting a four part series entitled Principles of Pasture Productivity. This series will examine some of the key principles of pasture management including;

  • Session 1 – Pasture Fertility; Soil testing, Fertilizer Selection & Application, Balancing Forage Quality, Quantity & Nutrient Demands
  • Session 2 – Grazing Management; Causes of Pasture Decline, Rotational Grazing Systems, Integration of Multiple Forage Species
  • Session 3 – Weed Control; Integrated Pest Management System, Basics of Pasture Herbicides, Efficient Herbicide Application
  • Session 4 – Forage Establishment & Variety Selection; Timing and techniques for establishing annual and perennial forages, Characteristics and site selection forage varieties

These topics will be presented in a practical, “how-to” style with consideration given to the varying sizes and management goals of local livestock operations.

 Principles of Pasture Productivity will be held in two locations; The Washington County Agricultural Center in Chipley and the Calhoun County Public Library in Blountstown. Each session will begin at 6:30pm. Registration for the series includes any/all of the sessions at both locations. There is a $25 registration fee for the entire series or $10 per session. Light refreshments and printed program materials will be provided. To register contact the Washington County Extension Office 850-638-6180, the Calhoun County Extension Office 850-674-8383, or register online at

Chipley Dates

  • Session 1 – Tuesday, June 14th
  • Session 2 – Tuesday, July 12th
  • Session 3 – Tuesday, August 9th
  • Session 4 – Tuesday, September 13th

Washington County Agricultural Center

1424 Jackson Ave. Chipley FL

Blountstown Dates

  • Session 1 – Thursday, June 9th
  • Session 2 – Thursday, July 21st
  • Session 3 – Thursday, August 25th
  • Session 4 – Thursday, September 15th

Calhoun County Public Library

17731 N Pear St. Blountstown, FL

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