Kudzu Bugs in Washington County



Image Courtesy Lyle Buss
Image Courtesy Lyle Buss

Kudzu Bugs Confirmed for the First Time in Washington County Florida

UF / IFAS Extension Entomologist Lyle Buss confirmed that the Kudzu Bug, Megacopta cribraria is present in Washington County

Several samples were collected near the communities of Greenhead, Sunny Hills, and Vernon.

This is a county record, as Kudzu Bugs have never been found in Washington County before. They are a non-native invasive species and primarily a pest of legumes.

To learn more about kudzu bugs, contact your local Extension Office, read a brief summary in the UF/IFAS publication: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/in939, or go to the official Kudzu Bug Website that was developed by a working group of Research and Extension Faculty from across the Southeast. Their site provides the latest recommendations for control of Kudzu Bugs.


Image Courtesy Lyle Buss
Image Courtesy Lyle Buss



Posted: May 24, 2013

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Insects, Kudzu Bug, Panhandle Agriculture, Pest Management

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