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  By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director   Rudolph is polishing his nose and checking the intensity just in in case fog rolls in. Wakulla County’s children are ticking off the minutes and are,… Read More

Bears Are The Largest Native Animal In Florida

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Being the biggest and most imposing has its advantages. Recognition is almost universal in the home locale where there is respect for the impressive appearance from some and… Read More

ASK SHELLEY: Wakulla Recycling Update

By Shelley Swenson Extension Agent III UF-IFAS Wakulla County Extension I recently had the opportunity to ask questions of a representative from Waste Pro to clarify some of the “gray” areas concerning recycling in Wakulla… Read More

Fall Wildflowers Know It’s Autumn

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director It is hard to believe, and the weather is no indication of the change, but today is the first official day of fall. The autumnal equinox is an… Read More

In The Garden Now: Heirlooms

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director As the old saying goes “August weather is fit for neither man nor beast,” and it is not making gardening a lot of fun either. High humidity, 90… Read More

Native Plants Support Wildlife

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director The dog days of summer have once again returned to Wakulla County. As such the dogs, and their human companions, are highly motivated to remain in any synthetic… Read More

Blue Zones Discussion Group – August 2016

If you were unable to participate in the Blue Zones discussion earlier this year, take heart! There will be Blue Zones Discussion Group meeting in August at the Wakulla County Extension Office. There will be… Read More

Take Advantage Of Curbside Recycling In Wakulla County

Be sure to check out this month’s feature in The Green Scene. It is been a number of years since our county adopted curbside recycling. Since then there have been thousands of pounds of materials… Read More