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Tag: pests

Welcome the Air Potato Leaf Beetle

A small, but brightly colored beetle has appeared in north Florida: the air potato leaf beetle (Liliocetis cheni), a native of East Asia. The beetle, less than half an inch long, has a candy apple red body that… Read More

Armadillos Dig Holes In Search Of Insects

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director “Nothing good happens after midnight,” is an oft used phrase by the parents of teenagers. It is a subtle way of saying a lot of mischief occurs under the cover of… Read More

Tent Caterpillars: An Unwelcome Spring Guest

Uninvited guests can sometimes be fun and entertaining, bringing spontaneity to an otherwise predictable schedule. Sometimes the surprise guest is just an unpleasant distraction with no redeeming virtues. The unanticipated knock on the door can bring both scenarios… Read More

Tent Caterpillars

Les Harrison is the UF/IFAS Wakulla County Extension Director Summer is a popular time of year for camping. As school ends, parents are busy signing their kids up for day and overnight camps. Tent moths have a similar… Read More

Garden Pests

The lush green leaves and perfumed blossoms provide an inviting veneer which covers a menacing reality.  It is a jungle out there, even if the predators are small and people are usually on the menu. Lurking beneath the… Read More