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Tag: Hurricane Preparedness

Tips to Help You Weather the Storm

palm trees blowing in the wind

It’s officially hurricane season here in Florida and that means it’s time to review and rebuild your disaster kit. Take some time to go through your kit and make sure you have everything you need. Use this checklist… Read More

Preparing Your Emergency Water Supply

collection of emergency supplies

Article and audio introduction by Samantha Kennedy, Family and Consumer Sciences It’s Hurricane Season! Hurricane season is in full swing and will last through November 30. If you have not prepared your emergency supply kit, and especially your… Read More

Hurricane Irma

Need some help getting prepared for what may be a major hurricane and its aftermath? The UF/IFAS Extension publication DISASTERS: PREPARATION & RECOVERY is available free at the UF/IFAS Extension Wakulla County location at 84 Cedar Avenue in… Read More

Replacing Lost or Damaged Documents

Courtesy of Shelley Swenson UF/ IFAS Wakulla Extension FCS/ EFNEP Agent Birth Certificates Florida Birth Certificates 1. The process for applying for a birth certificate can be found at the Florida Department of Health (DOH) website. Access online… Read More

Electrical Systems and Appliances – Cleaning and Odor Removal

Courtesy of Shelley Swenson UF/ IFAS Wakulla Extension FCS/ EFNEP Agent An electrician or another person competent in electronics should check your electrical system and appliances before you try to use them. You can ask your power supplier… Read More

Cleaning Flood-Damaged Carpets and Rugs

Courtesy of Shelley Swenson Wakulla County Extension FCS/EFNEP Agent When to Discard, Clean, or Call a Professional When faced with flood-damaged carpeting and rugs, your options will depend on the source of flooding. If floodwater consisted of clean… Read More

Mildew after the Storm? Here are helpful removal tips.

Courtesy of Shelley Swenson UF/ IFAS Wakulla Extension FCS/ EFNEP Agent   For those of you who have experienced recent flooding during the storm, it is important that you make sure you clean up properly. Excess moisture in… Read More

Steps to Follow During and After a Weather Emergency

Courtesy of Shelley Swenson UF/IFAS Wakulla Extension FCS/EFNEP Agent Steps to Follow During and After A Weather Emergency: Never taste a food to determine its safety! Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to… Read More