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Tag: Lawn & Garden

Carpenter Bees Nest by Boring Tunnels into Wood

In the insect world in Wakulla County and the southeast, being a carpenter has much different implications. Eastern Carpenter Bees (Xylocopa virginica) are the most common of several carpenter bee species. Click here for the entire article.


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Mimosa Trees

  While driving around Wakulla County this summer it was easy to notice a display of pink puffs erupting in low-growing trees along the roadside. A closer look will reveal the attractive ferny foliage and delicately beautiful pink-and-white… Read More

Lichens are Algae and Fungi Working Together

A close working relationship is a great experience.  It encourages and allows for the accomplishment of deeds beyond the abilities of a single individual. Whether called teamwork, unit integrity or a symbiotic relationship, the accomplishments are compounded many… Read More

What’s In The Garden Now – Carrots

By Les Harrison, UF/IFAS Wakulla County Extension Director and Clara Foran, UF/IFAS Wakulla County Family and Consumer Sciences Temporary Program Aide Spring 2015 is about to officially end in a few weeks, but one cool season crop is… Read More

Garden Pests

The lush green leaves and perfumed blossoms provide an inviting veneer which covers a menacing reality.  It is a jungle out there, even if the predators are small and people are usually on the menu. Lurking beneath the… Read More


Tarzan used them as a superhighway through the trees in every adventure created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Villains and scoundrels alike fell prey to the ape-man and his horde of avenging simians descending on vines from the trees…. Read More

Spring is here!

Recent cold weather notwithstanding, spring is almost here.  The spring equinox is March 20th, and on that date the day and night will be the same length. Lexicographers, the people who study language, have concluded the term “spring”… Read More


It is a bane and curse to hay-fever sufferers without regard to their station in life.  The agony plagues the victims night and day, at work and at rest, awake or asleep. The sensation created is reminiscent of… Read More


The oft quoted adage “the best defense is a good offence” has been credited to a variety of political and military leaders, and football coaches.  Almost every leader, thinker and pontificator from Julius Cesar to Bobby Bowden has… Read More