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Native Wildflowers Account For Our Fall Color

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Wakulla County has many natural wonders which encompass all 12 months of the year. The woodlands, the springs, and the coast all rate highly with anyone who has an appreciation for… Read More

‘Snake Spit’ Is Actually From Spittlebugs

Natural Wakulla by Les Harrison Snakes have come down through history with a generally bad reputation. They collectively have been accused, and occasionally guilty, of a plethora of crimes and misdeeds To start off, there was that issue… Read More

Spice Things Up With Alternative Seasonings

By Samantha Kennedy , UF/IFAS Extension Wakulla County With today’s continued focus on healthy eating and the dangers of high blood pressure, seasoning and cooking with salt has decreased.  Alternative seasonings such as herbs and spices are excellent additions… Read More

Healthy Cooking Classes Offered At The UF/IFAS Extension Wakulla County

  Title: Healthy Cooking Series: Cooking with Herbs Date: September 7, 2017 Time: 6:00-8:00pm Location: UF/IFAS Wakulla County Extension Service Cost: $10.00 (cash or check) Description: Learn about a variety of herbs and how to use them to… Read More

Spending Leaks Can Drain Your Budget

by Samantha Kennedy, UF/IFAS Extension Wakulla County Spending leaks happen every day and they can be easy to overlook.  Over time, however, they add up to large amounts of overspending which lead to a broken budget.  Identifying spending… Read More

Armyworms Can Be A Real Problem In Garden

  By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Guests which are picky eaters are no fun, especially for a host. No matter what dish is served, there is always something wrong with it. It can be the wrong… Read More

Alligators have come to be a symbol of Florida

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Nothing on four feet is identified with Florida as much as the alligator. The toothy grin is found on post cards, T-shirts, and a nearly unending list of tourist promotional items… Read More

Wakulla Family Nutrition Program Promotes Nutrition at Local Schools

    Through the efforts of Sherry Balchuck, Wakulla Family Nutrition Program (FNP) Assistant and Tiffany Torres, NW District FNP Farm to School Coordinator, Medart Elementary now has raised bed and hydroponic gardens.  Sherry offers a six week… Read More

Redheaded Pine Sawfly Is Destructive

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Looks, as the old saying goes, can be deceiving. This useful advice was certainly applicable to all the nocturnal visitors in the past week who were wearing Halloween costumes, but the… Read More

Bears Are The Largest Native Animal In Florida

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Being the biggest and most imposing has its advantages. Recognition is almost universal in the home locale where there is respect for the impressive appearance from some and fear of a… Read More