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Purple Nutsedge Is An Invasive That Squeezes Out Native Grasses

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director The return of consistent warm weather to Wakulla County has many residents thinking about the state of their lawns. Mowing, fertilizing, weeding and patching bald spots are now… Read More

Blackberries Can Be Tough To Control

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Spring 2017 has officially arrived in Wakulla County. The start began on March 20 at 6:29 A.M. eastern daylight time. . With this seasonal milepost comes all the… Read More

Brown Pelicans Are A Common Sight

By Les Harrison Living in Wakulla County has a variety of exceptional benefits. The natural environment is a feature visitors travel great distances to experience and enjoy during their leisure periods. While some residents may… Read More

Boating Safety Courses With The United States Coast Guard Auxillary Offered At The UF/IFAS Wakulla County Extension

  If you are interested in an exciting, in-depth boating safety course, check out the in classroom (seminar) version of our popular online boating course. This beginner boating class will give you the knowledge needed… Read More

UF/IFAS Extension Wakulla County Plant Sale

Soil Testing For A Successful Spring Garden

  By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Residents of Wakulla County are heading out of doors to engage in the wide array of available activities. Sunshine, fresh air and there are very few insects… Read More

Merganser Ducks Will Soon Be Flying North

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Air travel has its advantages, even today with all the hoops one must jump through to gain access to this mode of 21st century transportation. Given the distances… Read More

Caution: Poison Ivy And Poison Oak

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director The spring-like temperatures and clear blue skies serve as a near irresistible enticement to enjoy Wakulla County’s natural environs. The springs, forest and coastline each have a unique… Read More

6th Annual Beekeeper’s Workshop & Tradeshow

Beekeepers Workshop & Trade Show April 21st & 22nd The University of Florida IFAS Extension and the Beekeeping in the Panhandle Working Group has once again teamed up to offer the 6th Annual Beekeeper’s Workshop… Read More

An Early Onset Of Spring Means An Insect Feast For Spiders

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director The early arrival of spring in Wakulla County, and the rest of north Florida in 2017, portends the possibility of some interesting occurrences.  If the pattern holds and… Read More