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Category: Natural Resources

Wakulla’s Nutty Pests

Thanksgiving is coming and with it all the wonderful traditional dishes from recipes passed down through the generations.  Historically, these specialties have been concocted from locally produced foodstuffs, but with that distinctive and unique quality identified with family’s… Read More

Poisonous Plants

By Les Harrison Ag & Natural Resources Agent County Extension Director UF/IFAS Wakulla County Extension It is easy to forget that not all nature has to offer is an enjoyable experience. One consideration before tromping off into unfamiliar… Read More

Native Plants Provide Source Of Food For Birds

Homeowners who want to retain birds can provide a microenvironment of avian dining options to help these feathered friends overwinter in Wakulla County. The first action is to establish native plant species whenever possible. Landscaping with plants native… Read More