Put Your Smart Phone to Work

smartphone2Who would have thought twenty years ago that we would have the whole world at our fingertips like we do today?

Smart phones have such potential to revolutionize our daily lives but too often they become drains instead.

They can be drains on our money, with pricey apps and in-app purchases. Our smart phones are set up to make swiping and spending too easy.

They can be drains on our time and energy as well. How many hours are lost mindlessly tapping and swiping through games and videos, encouraging a sedentary lifestyle?

Smartphones can be used to our benefit, though!

There are so many apps now available that can help us manage our personal finances as well as our personal wellness. So instead of loading up your smartphone with money and energy drains, try putting it to work for you!

There are apps to manage your money, help with debt elimination, and credit monitoring.

There are apps to track food and exercise, track workouts and training, games to encourage healthy living, and even apps to motivate and challenge you to live better.

All are available at a tap and a swipe on your smart phone. And the best part? These apps are FREE!

Click here for a list of free Personal Finance apps that may help you better manage your finances.

Click here for a list of free Wellnes apps that can help keep you on track for better health.


Posted: May 11, 2016

Category: Work & Life
Tags: Budget, Consumer Debt, Credit Management, Family & Consumer Sciences, Financial, Financial Planning, Financial Tips, Free Apps, Health, Management, Money, Money Management, Nutrition, Shelley Swenson, Smart Phones, Wakulla Extension

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