Freeze Protection for Pipes

Protect your pipes tonight from freezing temperature!!!!

It is going to be cold tonight. Think about doing the following before going to bed tonight:

  • Disconnect and drain all exterior hoses.
  • Keep interior doors open to rooms with plumbing lines or fixtures in extreme cold weather.
  • Let water “trickle” from faucets connected to lines that may be subject to freeze-up in extreme cold situations.


What about Unoccupied Dwellings

If your house is vacant or closed up for vacation periods or will otherwise unoccupied during this cold weather, special precautions must be taken. Ideally, the heating system should be left on, although turned down to a relatively low setting. Lack of heat for extended periods can affect finishes and other house components not designed for extended cold weather exposure.


In preparation for the cold temperatures tonight do the following:

  • Have someone check your house and all components to confirm heat is on and no damage has occurred.
  • Confirm there is an adequate supply of fuel for the required heating period when applicable. (Non-payment of bills may mean loss of service.)
  • Ensure heat flows to all areas of the house (all registers/radiators are working and interior doors are open).
  • Drain exterior and seasonal plumbing lines and fixtures; winterize as needed.
  • Protect any exposed sections of piping from freeze-up by insulating and/or add heating cables if possible and necessary.

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Posted: February 18, 2016

Category: Home Management, Work & Life
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