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January is Family Fit Lifestyle Month

My Activity Pyramid               Photo Credit: University of Missouri Extension


By Shelley Swenson, Extension Agent III,
Family and Consumer Sciences UF-IFAS
Wakulla County Extension

Research has found that inactive children are much more likely to be inactive adults than active children. In a longitudinal study examining physical activity patterns of men and women from adolescence (age 16) to adulthood (age 34), physical activity during adolescence decreased the risk of inactivity in adulthood.

It is important to support and encourage physical activity during childhood. Additionally, active children can also learn to become inactive if they are not provided with opportunities to be active.

It has been cold lately in Florida. When the weather is bad, physical activity can be done inside the home using weights, a fitness video, a DVD or at a gym. Also, there are many activities such as walking, playing tag and doing yoga that do not requires facilities, transportation or money.

Physical activity provides many mental and physical health benefits for adults and children. Making physical activity fun with the family can make the time pass quickly. Finding time to be active together is important for families who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Celebrate Family Fit Lifestyle Month…..exercise together as a family.