Update 2: Master Gardener Plant Sale

Saturday, April 25th, from 9am-1pm, the Master Gardeners will be at Hudson Park selling plants and answering gardening questions. This week, we will be featuring some of the plants offered at the sale. Today’s featured plants are tomato plants and milkweed!

Milkweed is a fantastic choice for butterfly lovers.

Love butterflies? Then, look no further than the simple, easy-to-grow, milkweed! The entire life cycle of the monarch butterfly relies on the presence of this plant, as it is the only place they will lay eggs. Milkweed also attracts many other species of butterflies, bees and beetles.

Tomatoes are worth

Tomatoes are a fantastic choice for any gardener, but they are especially simple to grow here in Wakulla! There is nothing quite as gratifying as enjoying the fruits of your labor. Tomato plants will need a stake or ring/cage for support to keep them from leaning over and dropping their beautiful bounty on the ground.

We hope to see you this Saturday! Check back for additional information on the plants offered this weekend.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (850) 926-3931.


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Posted: April 22, 2015

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