Bottled Water… it worth the price?

bottled vs tap waterBottled water is the fastest growing drink choice in the United States and Americans spend billions of dollars each year to buy it! It can be a good beverage choice for it contains no caffeine, no calories and no sugar. It is convenient to carry and often has a better taste and smell than tap water, BUT bottled water is much more expensive per gallon than tap water. It is important to consider your reasons for purchasing it and compare the cost to the value provided.

Do you stock up when it is on sale? Long-term storage of bottled water may result in an off-odor and taste. It is recommended that plastic water bottles be stored in a dry, dark place way from chemicals such as paint thinner, gasoline and cleaning chemicals After reading these ideal storage suggestions, consider the times you have seen piles of bottle water outside a warehouse or grocery store. This display method is certainly not ideal. How old do you think the bottled water may be?


Posted: September 11, 2014

Category: Health & Nutrition, Work & Life
Tags: Bottled Water, Shelley Swenson, Storage, Tap Water, Water

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