Wakulla’s Nutty Pests

Thanksgiving is coming and with it all the wonderful traditional dishes from recipes passed down through the generations. Historically, these specialties have been concocted from locally produced foodstuffs, but with that distinctive and unique quality identified with family’s pride.

Chief among those family culinary treats are the deserts, or offerings which would be deserts under non-holiday conditions. An oft used ingredient in these gastronomic delights is the local tree nuts: pecans, hickory and the occasional walnut.

Each nut variety adds a distinctive flavor or texture to cooked icings, sweet potato pie, divinity, and all the other mortal temptations which entice violation of modern dietary restrictions.

Alas, there others in Wakulla County who are tempted to gorge on the tree nuts raining down in autumn, and attracted to the trees themselves.

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Posted: November 9, 2012

Category: Natural Resources, Wildlife
Tags: Animals, Bugs, Environment, Landscape, Les Harrison, Natural Resources, Natural Wakulla, Nut Trees, Pest, Wakulla, Wakulla County Extension

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