Coping with a Money Crunch

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Consumer choice is a fundamental problem for all human beings. It is also a complex problem because there are many new products, services, and ways of doing things being developed all the time. It’s even more difficult to make decisions when you’re experiencing a money crunch.

The choices we make, consciously or unconsciously, determine to a large extent what we get out of life. Setting your goals for individual or family spending is not enough; we need the ability to carry out the activities which will accomplish the goals. Much research shows that the biggest determinant of what we get out of life is what we want out of life. The amount of money or other resources available are important, but do not guarantee happiness.

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Posted: February 23, 2012

Category: Money Matters, Work & Life
Tags: Budgeting, Credit, Debt, Extension, Families & Consumers, Family And Consumer Sciences, Finances, Money, Reduce Debt, Saving, Wakulla, Wakulla County

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