Tips for Catching the Eye at a Farmer’s Market or Roadside Display

One of the more popular décor trends in home designs is that of the ‘farmer’s market décor’. It includes painted metal or wood signs, galvanized aluminum wash tubs, wooden crates, chalkboards and potted plants. In whole, it creates a charming farmhouse feel using eclectic and rustic props.

Neatly arranged colorful rows of fresh berries in season draw the customers into the stand towards larger fruit. Signage is clearly displayed. Photo: Stauderman
Orange is the color coordinating the beautiful display of these carrots, peaches, nectarines, squash and melons. Photo: Stauderman

This style should also be the consumer draw to the local farmer’s market. Unfortunately, many markets are forgoing ambiance and erecting ‘garage sale’ tactics. This includes haphazardly laying food out on tables in pulp boxes or plastic dishes without organization, attention to detail or food cleanliness.

Similar to window displays, when selling your produce or commodity, think about your display with the goal of capturing a 3 second attention span of a distracted consumer. What does your booth display need to look like in order to command that moment in time?


Towers of fresh orange carrots and red beets draw the eye to the vendor. Photo: Stauderman

Farmers’ Markets typically feature vendors selling the same or similar products. To differentiate your products from those of your competitors is with a unique and attractive display. Color, signage, and cleanliness are extremely important components of a good display. Colorful tablecloths, banners, and wooden crates, and baskets can make a booth stand out. Your products should neatly and cleanly be arranged on the table or in containers. Towers of colored fruit or vegetables are ideal to catch a wandering eye.


Another consideration not to forget in your display, is your apparel. When selling produce or prepared food, wear a clean, crisp apron to reinforce the perception of cleanliness. It also hold business cards, pens and currency. For items other than food, keep your look casual, clean and approachable. Your company logo on a T-Shirt or brightly colored blouse or shirt helps identify the proprietor. Keep your hair tied back and always wear shoes/sandals to maintain good hygiene.

Flowers sold at the farmer’s market according to color and seasonality. Photo: Stauderman

For more information on starting a Farmer’s market or selling your produce or commodities at a roadside market, contact your local UF/IFAS Extension office

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Posted: July 8, 2019

Category: Agribusiness, Agriculture
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