Celebrating Blueberries at the Volusia County Farmer’s Market

In April, the UF/IFAS Extension Commercial Horticulture, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Family Nutrition Program agents and staff teamed up to deliver a joint event serving hundreds of Volusia County residents at the Deland Farmers Market.

Market goers approve of the Florida Blueberry dessert.

Commercial Horticulture Agent, Karen Stauderman and Family and Consumer Sciences Agent Lisa Hamilton, presented “Blueberry Daze’ at the DeLand Farmer’s market, featuring blueberry shortcake made from Florida Blueberries. 450 residents sampled the shortcake with Florida blueberries and whip topping and were offered recipes and lists of U-Pick blueberry sites in Central Florida.

UF/IFAS Extension Agents in Volusia County serve Florida Blueberry Shortcake to market goers in DeLand, Florida
Large crowds attend the UF/IFAS Extension Blueberry Daze event promoting Florida Blueberries

Family Nutrition Program staff held a ‘farmer’s market day’ event for families with children attending Head Start on the same date. Families participated in nutrition classes at the Volusia County Agricultural Center and received vouchers to shop at the DeLand Farmer’s Market. The families visited ‘Blueberry Daze’ event booth at the market. Youth were able to create a blueberry pot with a wine cork used to stamp blue paint for blueberries. The Florida Blueberry season runs from late March through mid-May. According to Growing Produce (Oct. 26, 2018), https://www.growingproduce.com/fruits/berries/florida-blueberry-industry-focused-on-competitive-edge/ there are more than 7,000 acres of blueberries in commercial production, based on the 2018 acreage reports. Florida has a reputation for quality fresh blueberries, for more information on you-pick blueberry locations in Central Florida, contact your local UF/IFAS Extension office.


Posted: April 22, 2019

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