Please join us on Friday January 20, 2023, at the Rose Head Park Pavilion, 525 S. Jefferson St., Perry, FL for the Annual Tree Seedling Give Away, in celebration of Florida’s Arbor Day. In 1970, President Richard Nixon proclaimed National Arbor Day in April. Well, because of varying climate differences in our country, each state chose its own date based on ideal growing conditions. Optimal planting time for trees is during dormancy, fall and winter. It allows trees to focus energies on establishing healthy roots so that when warmer temperatures come about, in spring, the tree starts with the help of warm sunshine and pollinators, to bring on leaf, flower and fruit growth. Since Florida has such a short dormancy time, the 3rd Friday in January was chosen to hold their Arbor Day celebration.

Trees are so important for not only human survival, but habitats for birds and wildlife, provide shade, increase property values, reduce energy cost, remove pollutants from the air we breathe and provide beauty for us to enjoy.

Master Gardener Volunteers will be on site to provide you planting instructions and handouts with each tree species characteristics so you will be able to determine where the best place and type of tree is for your destination. There are nine Florida-Friendly Landscape™ principals of which the Master Gardener program focuses on. The first, Planting the RightPlant in the Right Place and probably the most important, is the skill that the Master Gardener Volunteers will be able to assist you with in addition to watering, fertilizing, and overall care for the trees.

For more details on upcoming events and trainings check out Taylor County Extensions website and our Facebook page or call office at 850-838-3508.


Posted: January 10, 2023

Category: Agriculture

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