Kids Escape to Spa Camp

Parents are learning to raise healthy kids in the 21st century, and it means more than just teaching them to eat their vegetables or look both ways before crossing the street. The poor diets, technological obsessions, and stressors that plague adults offer no immunity to the young.

Taylor 4-H Spa Camp participants soaking their feet as part of learning how to do a pedicureTaylor Spa Camp particpant relaxing while using a cucmber treatment on her eyes to reduce inflamation

Parents enrolled their children into 4-H Spa Camp this summer where youth were able to escape from the world around them and learn how to care for their mind and body. In the camp, youth dubbed “the laboratory,” they mixed citric acid, cornstarch and baking soda to make bath bombs that fizzes when dropped in the tub. They made homemade fruit smoothies using their body strength to blend them on the smoothie bike. They also Taylor 4-H Agent, Abbey Tharpe, teaching 4-H Spa Camp particpants how to make bath bombsmade homemade facial masques and foot scrubs. Local yoga instructor May Roberts transformed the atmosphere of the 4-H clubroom to allow campers a “kid-friendly” yoga experience with lavender rags, dim lighting, music an diffusing essential oils. After days of creating spa recipes, 4-H campers pampered one another in a classroom they turn into “4-H Spa”, complete with stations for facials, manicures and pedicures. Spa Camp is a way to teach youth a bit about chemistry and measurements, but also to get them thinking about relaxation early so they have a better chance at becoming balanced adults.

Benefits of Spa Treatment

  1. After a skin scrub, all the dead skin cells will be scrubbed away and shiny new ones will be revealed.
  2. Everything about the spa from the lighting to the treatments are designed to make you calm, chilled out and relaxed. After a spa treatment you will be walking on cloud 9.
  3. Taylor 4-H Spa Camp particpants peddling a blender bike to make a smoothieYou get plenty of time for quiet reflection when you’re in a spa.
  4. The sauna/steam room is great for respiratory conditions.
  5. A good massage can take away aches and pains and help with joint pain conditions like arthritis.
  6. The steam in the sauna/steam rooms helps you to sweat out toxins.
  7. Massage stimulates blood flow, hence boosts circulation.
  8. Leg massages help prevent varicose veins.
  9. A spa treatment can be a great bonding experience for friends, family and couples.
  10. Depending on the oils used in your treatment, a massage or spa treatment can give you energy.
  11. Taylor 4-H Spa Camp particpant meditating on a yoga matHead, feet and hand massages are known to have the ability to decrease the frequency of migraines/headaches when done correctly.
  12. Massage can increase the amount of white blood cells in your system, boosting your immune system and helping to defend against infections.
  13. A facial/facial massage can help refine pores, quench skin and slow the onset of wrinkles.
  14. Massage releases serotonin (the happy hormone) so it’s great for your mental health!

Always remember, mental health is just as important as physical health!



Posted: July 30, 2018

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