Kids learn about Marine Science

Youth in Taylor County learn about Marine Science with hands-on activities

Sea Grant Marine Extension have involved Taylor County kids into the marine science activities. Diverse groups of kids have shared hands-on activities at the beach to learn about marine ecology, biodiversity and coastal habitats, among other activities.

Some of the activities performed by Taylor County youth with the support of the marine extension include:

  1. Field trips to Hagen’s Cove and Keaton Beach to learn about marine ecology. They also collect flora, fauna and water quality samples.
  2. Horseshoe crab monitoring, counting, measuring and tagging crabs for the FWC program. The data is very important for a State-wide evaluation of the populations of crabs.
  3. Marine Science club: a new 4-H club to learn about County biodiversity (plans and animals), with many different activities to come. Learn names of flora and fauna species, make models of coastal process, participate in cine-forums, develop a final project.
  4. Special topics presentations: like marine careers for high school students, coastal conservation for the Boys and Girls Club, etc.
Taylor County Marine Science Club kickoff field trip to Cedar Key. Visiting the FWC Marine Lab

Also Homeschoolers, UF/IFAS Extension and 4-H program have a very strong bond in Taylor County and are working together toward this new generation education. Homeschooling, also known as home education, is the education of children inside the home.

Homeschoolers during the Horseshoe crab monitoring program marine science in Hagen’s Cove

During summer vacations, the kids participating in the 4-H summer camps enjoy a whole week of marine and aquatic activities. They participate in field trips and learn with hands-on activities.

4-H group received the visit of the Water Ventures truck where they learned about marine science and watershed.

If you want your kid to participate and learn about marine science please contact the Taylor County Extension Office.


Posted: October 26, 2017

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