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How to Recognize Stress

April 11, 2022

 There is more than enough stress to go around these days, and we all experience stress to a varying degree on a daily basis. In fact, stress has become so much a part of our lives that sometimes we don’t even realize how much stress we are ... READ MORE

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Sleep Well!

April 4, 2022

Sleep’s Role in Health during the Pandemic  The coronavirus has disrupted lives, work and school routines and even sleep patterns. As you continue to adjust to the pandemic, it is important to evaluate your sleep health. Healthy sleep ... READ MORE


Is Your Home and Landscape Susceptible to Wildfires?

February 1, 2022

Risk assessment: Your home is one of your largest financial investments. Have you ever done a risk assessment to determine how affected our home or landscape would be if a wildfire was nearby? Florida is prone to lightning strikes which can ... READ MORE

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My Two Cents About Dollarweed

January 19, 2021

How to recognize it: Dollarweed is a moisture-loving plant that can be hard to manage in lawns and landscape beds. Also know as pennywort, Dollarweed (Hydrocotyle spp.), is a warm-season perennial weed. It is named because of its silver-dollar-shaped ... READ MORE

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The Value of Family Meals

August 9, 2020

  Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, many families found it difficult to eat meals together. In fact, sitting together for a family meal was becoming somewhat of a lost art. Most folks found themselves with more things to do and less time ... READ MORE


Support Your Immune System With Nutrition

June 1, 2020

The immune system is a complex “system” requiring many parts working together to function at its best. There are many variables that impact the immune system including foods in the diet. In general, choosing a healthy lifestyle and following ... READ MORE


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