Aquatic Plants of Interest- Piedmont Primrose, Ludwigia acruata

What’s that plant?

Recently a call was placed to the Extension Office about the possibility of hydrilla in a local water body. Upon further investigation, the plant in question was identified as Piedmont primrose, Ludwigia acruata, a native plant that is being noticed in more and more places. Proper plant identification is integral in situations like this, were the preservation of native plants is equally as important as the removal of invasive plants.

Piedmont Primrose, Ludwigia acruata

Piedmont Primrose is a submerged Florida native plant that grows in shallow-ish places up to the shoreline. It prefers shady areas, and is found throughout the Panhandle and North Florida. It blooms in the summer and has a yellow flower with 4 petals. Leaves are opposite and smooth edged.

Photos courtesy of Jane Griffin


Posted: March 26, 2018

Category: Natural Resources, Water
Tags: Aquatic Plants, NFLAG, Piedmont Primrose, Suwannee County

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