Weed of the Week- Common Ragweed


Ragweed is an erect, branching summer annual that is native to Florida and found extensively in disturbed areas, such as road sides, fields, orchards, and waste places. It producers thousands of seeds per plant and is an aggressive competitor for resources. Stems are green to purple with long hairs, and the taproot is shallow with an additional fibrous system.

Combining mechanical and chemical methods of control is often useful with ragweed. Mowing can exhaust reserves, but can also disperse seeds. Glyphosate resistant types have been reported in other states, but not yet in Florida. To decrease the likelihood of this happening, overuse of such herbicides should be minimized. Other options of chemical control include Weedmaster, Banvel, and GrazonNext.


Posted: February 12, 2018

Category: Agriculture, Pests & Disease
Tags: Agriculture, Brent Sellers, Kalyn Waters, NFLAG, Pasture Management, Suwannee County, Suwannee County Extension, Weed Management, Weeds

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