Sumter County Council is Bringing County Council Back!

It has been a few years since Sumter has had an active County Council. We are VERY excited to be bringing it back for the 2022-2023 4-H year!

Many do not know about the Florida 4-H State Council System or how it works. In this blog, I will provide a brief overview of the Florida 4-H State Council System and introduce you to this year’s Sumter 4-H County Council!

What’s the Purpose of County Council?

The County Council serves as an important “link” in the Florida 4-H State Council System chain. Two delegates from every club, county, and district serve as messengers to pass information to and from the state level. This helps keep everyone informed and create comradery between youth at all levels of the Florida 4-H program.

For more information on the Florida 4-H Council System, view this document: Understanding-4-H-Councils.pdf (

County Council Delegates from Each Club

Every year, each club selects two council delegates to represent their club at County Council meetings. Ideally, this is the President and Vice President but it can be any two club members.

Responsibilities of County Council Delegates

County Council delegates are responsible for attending County Council meetings to vote on important county matters such as social events, County Events Day, the Awards Banquet, etc. They are also responsible for reporting the information discussed and voted on back to their club, as well as sharing an update on their club activities with the council. District Delegates will be sharing information from the District and State Level at County Council meetings, which may be important for the delegates to share with their clubs.

The 2022-2023 Sumter 4-H County Council Officer Team

At the Sumter 4-H Annual Awards Banquet on Friday, August 12th, our seven County Council candidates spoke to their fellow 4-H members and their families about why they would make a great member of our Council team. Delegates from each club in attendance then cast their votes for their top two choices from the slate of candidates. Prior to the Banquet, candidates completed an application and interview which were scored. Offices were assigned according to preference based on points accumulated in the form of scores and votes. All of our candidates were absolute super stars and we’re excited to see what this team is able to accomplish over the coming year!


President – Lillian McLeer

Vice President – David Serfass

Secretary – Allison Suggs

Treasurer – Wyatt Davis

Reporter – Kylar Purvis

Historian – Bailee Martin

Parliamentarian/Sgt of Arms – Jackson Davis


We hope you’ll consider joining us for our County Council meetings over the next year! For more information on County Council, contact Mrs. Shayna.


2022 Sumter 4-H County Council Meeting Dates

Thursday, September 22nd @ 6 PM

Thursday, November 17th @ 6 PM

Thursday, January 26th @ 6 PM

Thursday, March 23rd @ 6 PM

**Unless otherwise announced, all to be held at the Sumter County Fairgrounds in Expo 6


Posted: August 27, 2022


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