Gopher Apple is Blooming in Treasure Coast Preserves (May-June 2021)

Gopher apple (Licani michauxii) is a native plant found in scrubby areas on the Florida Treasure Coast.  This diminutive shrubby plant is easily overlooked by passersby.  Its typically ankle-high and l not very showy.  However, it is an important food source for our protected gopher tortoise populations.  It blossoms May – June and will eventually produce fruit.  If you are heading out for a hike through the scrub in a Treasure Coast preserve, look for this understated plant and know its blooms will soon be providing fruit for gopher tortoises.

Gopher Apple Blossoming
Gopher Apple Blossoming photo credits: K. Gioeli
Gopher Apple
Gopher apple is an important food source for protected gopher tortoises in St. Lucie County preserves. Photo credits: K. Gioeli
Gropher tortoise photo by Ken Gioeli
Gopher tortoises are protected species.  Photo credits: K. Gioeli

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Posted: May 20, 2021

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