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Human and Environmental Risks for the Use of Glyphosate Herbicide in Weed Control

This blog features information about glyphosate herbicide risk to people and the environment. Glyphosate is an herbicide commonly used in Florida landscapes and agriculture.  UF/IFAS is committed to safety and supports integrated pest management as the first line of defense against weeds and other pests, including the use of glyphosate herbicide and other pesticides.  Information covers topics such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) human and environmental glyphosate herbicide risk assessment findings, proper use of glyphosate and the importance of training.

 UF/IFAS Glyphosate Talking Points

UF/IFAS has published an EDIS document “Use of Glyphosate and Herbicide Alternatives for Weed Control in Florida Landscape Planting Beds“.  Under federal law, all EPA approved pesticides (including herbicides) must be used as directed on the label.  Buyer beware on any pesticide-like products not EPA approved.

Commercial landscape professionals in Florida are required to have a license when applying glyphosate or other products with caution signal word on residential plant beds, trees and shrubs.  A commercial limited certification would be appropriate in this scenario.  Turf applications require a pest control operator’s license.  Information about licensing of lawn and ornamental pesticide applicators in Florida can be found online at

Pesticide licenses are regulated by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services under F.S. Ch 487, 482 and 388.  People interested in obtaining a license can find resources on the website below:

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