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Only 17 states in the nation require high school students to take a course in personal finance, according to a report from 2016. Florida is not one of them. So how did you learn to master your money? From your parents? A helpful mentor? A friend? Or the school of hard knocks? Unfortunately, that school is more reactive than proactive so when we learn that lesson, it may take some time to recover financially from it.

Monthly Money Meeting

If you have a desire to master your money, I have an opportunity for you! Join me at the Monthly Money Meeting. It happens every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Lakewood Park Branch Library starting at 6pm. Each month we address a different issue and look at how we are doing compared to industry recommendations. We learn about real-life options for getting ahead. For example, when financial advisers suggest maxing out your 401K, that’s nice – but what if I don’t have a 401K? What if I do, but I need my whole paycheck to pay for groceries and daycare? We can provide options and answers for you.


Financial Advice Is Not “One Size Fits All”

Don’t expect to hear the same old advice like “use coupons to save money”, “max out your 401K“, or “go to college to get a good job”. Sure, that is good advice for some, but not all. We will mention things like that but we will also dig a little deeper so you can understand what is best for your own situation. With the tools and the knowledge to take control of your own financial decisions, you can steer your financial future toward the best personal success for you.

Tools You Can Use

Join us to talk about tools to use to master each money topic Learn ways to save that really work. Learn how to take advantage of the credit card companies instead of the other way around. Then, take some time to use those tools before we go on to the next topic. We know it takes time to develop a habit. During that month, we are here for you to call, message or email at any time for support or answers.

The Monthly Money Meeting is a free event but we do ask that you register if you plan to attend. That way we can have enough refreshments and handouts for everyone. To register, call me, Carol Alberts, at (772) 462-1895 or email me at


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Posted: June 22, 2018

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