Living Shoreline at the UF/IFAS Extension St Lucie County

Living shorelines in both estuarine and freshwater systems can provide habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife. The plants provide oxygen in the water as well as hiding places for juvenile fish and water fowl. These plants also reduce wave action and erosion.They also provide butters between the mowed turfgrass and the water.


Living shoreline

The UF/IFAS Extension St Lucie County has extension programs designed to teach residents and professional land managers about the benefits of living shorelines. A new living shoreline has been installed in the freshwater pond at the UF/IFAS Extension St Lucie County. Florida Master Naturalists, Master Gardeners and aquatic vegetation managers will benefit from this by learning about management of desirable aquatic vegetation. In addition, preliminary plans are in the works to conduct the first Florida Master Naturalist Coastal Restoration course in St Lucie County in 2018. Living shorelines will play an important role in this course.


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Posted: August 10, 2017

Category: Water

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