Vegetable Grower Delivers Produce and Opens Farm to the Community

Ben Wells Produce is a 3rd generation, diverse farm full of brightly colored vegetables in St. Johns County, Florida.
Ben Wells
Ben Wells

His crops range across the alphabet from beets and carrots to potatoes and watermelons. If it is a vegetable that can be grown in Northeast Florida, Ben is likely producing it at his farm in St. Augustine.

The Wells family farm was established in 1959 by William Wells. Ben branched out and started his own farm in 2014, which is comprised of 350 acres. As of 2017, the property converted to organic practices. They have since received their USDA Certified Organic label.

This family knows how to work together as a team. That is evident when you visit the farm and find Ben’s niece packing produce in clam shells and boxes while his sister manages online orders. Now that the farm is open on Saturday mornings with a “farmer’s market” style set up, you can find his wife helping to cash out orders while the veggies run out quicker than they can harvest! Even during these strange times, the Wells family doesn’t skip a beat!

Prior to COVID-19, you likely have eaten their produce at many of the local restaurants and food trucks in St. Augustine. The Floridian, Late Risers Food Truck, Osprey Tacos, Catch 27, Gas Full Service, Collage, and Blackfly prepare their menus with Ben’s vegetables. His farm was also present at the St. Augustine Amphitheater’s Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, but that is currently closed while large gatherings are discouraged.

Ben Wells Produce bag
Ben Wells Produce bag

The good news is that Ben Wells Produce is delivering their “Bushel Basket Box” which includes six different crops from his farm. You can sign up for the club on his website, and quickly learn if you are within delivery range. Since COVID-19 lessened the demand for his vegetables in restaurants, the farm has expanded their range for deliveries. During these times, it is comforting to know that our growers are #stillfarming. Help support your local agriculture, and learn about what is currently in season by purchasing directly from Florida farms. You can find these opportunities on the FDACS website by searching by crop or by county.





Prissy Fletcher
Posted: April 20, 2020

Category: Agribusiness, Agriculture
Tags: Agriculture, Community, COVID-19, Vegetables

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