Regulatory Requirements to Start a Food Business for Acidified Food and Low-Acid Canned Food

In order to start and run a commercial food business, it is imperative to review regulations, safety, labeling, processing and marketing features. UF/IFAS has a series of publications on helping to run a successful food related business.

It takes time, energy and money to comprehend all what is needed to establish a food business. There is a wide range of regulatory requirements that need to be followed. Unlike the cottage food operator (A cottage food product is a non-potentially hazardous food product produced in an unlicensed home kitchen), food entrepreneurs that want to produce and sell acidified food or low acid foods packages in hermetically sealed containers must abide by FDA regulations. The reason why there are regulations on these foods is because acidified and low acid canned food can potentially pose a health risk especially if not properly prepared or sealed. An example would be Clostridium Botulinum which grows in anaerobic environment. This bacterium produces a nerve toxin that causes serious paralytic illness or death.

Please check out UF IFAS EXTENSION publication FSHN19-2 for further details on facility registration and Compliance Activities. The publication details what a commercial processor must complete before production begins. Included in the publication is the training (Better Process Control School curriculum), facility registration, process filing, facility and equipment and inspection.


Posted: May 28, 2019

Category: Food Safety
Tags: Food Entrepreneurship

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