4-H Embryology Project: A Hatching Success

Each year the St. Johns County 4-H Program partners with classroom teachers to bring hands on science to the classroom through the chicken embryology project. The 4-H program loans out incubators, egg turners, candlers and assorted educational resources and provides training for teachers taking part in this month long project. A 4-H Extension agent also provides an introductory embryology presentation to students and ongoing support for teachers throughout the project. An average of 49 classroom teachers take part, reaching around 1,400 students each year.

Teacher surveys from 2017 showed that as a result of the embryology project, there was an increase in their student’s ability to keep accurate records, make observations, relate science to real life experiences, understand the life cycle, verbalize concern for living things, make predictions, and exhibit interest in science. Teachers also reported that students gained the following life skills as a result of the embryology experience: teamwork, personal safety, responsibility and understanding of cause and effect. Additionally, positive impacts reported include: positive effect on student’s behavior, enjoyment and full engagement in learning, ability to be flexible with challenges, love of animals, desire to learn more, and spark for curiosity.

Teachers interested in taking part in this hands on science based project should contact the St. Johns County 4-H Program by calling 904 209-0430 or email Geralyn Sachs at fish12@ufl.edu

Florida 4-H Youth Development Program Embryology Resources




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Posted: September 14, 2018

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