School of Natural Resources and Environment Welcomes New Students

The University of Florida School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) welcomed new graduate students in the summer and fall 2019 semesters. In total, 27 students are seeking either a master’s or doctoral degree in Interdisciplinary Ecology (IE) through the school. The students, their previous university (B-bachelor’s, M-master’s degree) and their faculty advisor(s) are:

Summer 2019
  • University of Florida's iconic Century Tower surrounded by spring foliage.Poonagavan, Jenicca, IE MS admit. B- Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. M- from Cape Town. Advisor: Mathieu Basille, WEC
  • Rash, Rebecca, IE MS admit. B- UF. Advisor: Andy Kane, Env Global Health
  • Cruz-Hernández, Virnaliz, IE PhD admit. B- University of Puerto Rico. Advisor: Chair: Miguel Acevedo, WEC, Co-Chair: Ethan White, WEC
  • Dawson, DeVante, IE PhD admit. B and M- University of Tuskegee. Advisor: Julie Meyer, SWS
Fall 2019
  • Baecher, J. Alex, IE PhD admit. M- Eastern Kentucky University. B- University of Arkansas. Advisor: Brett Scheffers, WEC
  • Bandara, Pabasara, IE MS admit. B- University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Advisor: Christine Overdevest, Sociology
  • Bian, Xiaoxing, IE PhD admit. M-Beijing Normal University. B- Beijing Forestry University. Advisor: Chair: Vanessa Hull, WEC, Co-Chair: Madan Oli, WEC
  • Castro, Ernesto Viveiros de, IE PhD admit. B and M- Federal Universidade do Rio de Janeiro. Advisor: Eben Broadbent, SFRC
  • Episcopio-Sturgeon, Diane, IE PhD admit. B and M- UF. Advisor: Elizabeth Pienaar, WEC
  • Kaur, Ashpreet, IE PhD admit. B and M- Panjab University. Advisor: Christine Overdevest, Sociology
  • Klinges, David, IE PhD admit. B- Dartmouth College. Advisor: Brett Scheffers
  • Kraeft, Sherri, IE PhD admit. B- Auburn University. M- FSU. Advisor: Chair: Debbie Miller, WEC, and Co-Chair: Mack Thetford, Env Horticulture
  • Lockhart, Sarah, IE PhD admit. B- Eckerd College. M- Duke University. Advisor: Tom Hoctor, Landscape Architecture
  • Luna-Celina, Deisi, IE PhD admit. B- La Molina National Agrarian University. M- UF. Advisor: Bette Loiselle, WEC
  • Melidosian, Angela, IE PhD admit. B and M- UF. Advisor: Les Thiele, Pol Sci
  • Merriell, Brandon, IE MS admit. B- Cornell Univ. Advisor: Madan Oli, WEC
  • Noriega, Fernando, IE PhD admit. B- Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana. M- UF. Advisor: Eben Broadbent, SFRC
  • Pappo, Emily, IE PhD admit. B- New York University. M- UF. Advisor: S. Luke Flory, AGR
  • Perry, Diana, IE PhD admit. B- Haverford College. M- University of Washington. Advisor: Ed Camp, FAS
  • Rodofili, Esteban, IE PhD admit. B- Universidad de Buenos Aires. Advisor: Vincent Lecours, FAS
  • Scherneck, Samuel, IE MS admit. B- Cedarville University. Advisor: S. Luke Flory
  • Shin, Yuesung, IE PhD admit. B(2x)- Korea University. M- Seoul National University. Advisor: Matt Cohen, SFRC
  • Smith, J. Rachel, IE PhD admit. B- University of Arizona. M- University of North Florida. Advisor: Ray Carthy, WEC
  • Wheeler, Emily, IE PhD admit. B- University of Miami (FL). Advisor: Chair: Tom Frazer, FAS/SNRE, Co-Chair: Angélica Almeyda Zambrano, THEM
  • Yuan, Wei, IE PhD admit. B and M- University of Central Florida. Advisor: Laura Warner, AEC
  • Zhao, Hui, IE PhD admit. B- Lanzhou University. M- University of Chinese Academy of Science. Advisor: Jiangxiao Qiu, SFRC

The SNRE offers campus-wide, interdisciplinary degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The School is governed by the SNRE Advisory Board and advised by the SNRE Faculty Advisory Council.

The School operates horizontally across UF’s elaborate structure of academic disciplines. The school has two dually appointed faculty positions which are shared with other Schools. However, the bulk of participating faculty are in existing discipline-centered departments in other colleges. Approximately 334 members of the University of Florida faculty in 56 departments of 12 colleges are formally affiliated with the School of Natural Resources and Environment.


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Posted: September 4, 2019

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: Graduate Students, Interdisciplinary Ecology, School Of Natural Resources And Environment

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