How 4-H Members and Volunteers Can Take Advantage of EDIS

4-H is a youth education program which provides youth ages 5-18 the opportunity to learn life skills while exploring projects such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), leadership, healthy living, and citizenship/leadership. You can become a member of 4-H by joining a Community 4-H Club, participating in a short term Special Interest Program, participating as an independent member or by being part of a 4-H School Enrichment Classroom Project.

What is EDIS?

EDIS (Every Day Information Source) is a website maintained by the University of Florida IFAS Extension. EDIS is a fantastic information source available for free to the public. The EDIS website contains 7,000 publications produced by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Major topic areas in EDIS include: agriculture, community development, the environment, families and consumer science, 4-H, and horticulture. EDIS is frequently used by Extension professionals to provide the public with science based information produced by The University of Florida.

4-Hers Using EDIS

Throughout the year 4-H members may have specific questions about their 4-H project or need information for an upcoming demonstration that they may not find directly in their 4-H curriculum. Instead of using unreliable information found from the first thing that pops up on your search engine you can use EDIS to find science-based information produced by UF. Using the search bar on the EDIS website youth can easily search for information and research on specific topics. For example, a quick search in the EDIS search bar for information on “horses” produced research information from UF on colic, how to feed a horse, external equine parasites, perennial peanut hay, and much more. EDIS can also be used by youth learning about gardening and horticulture, leadership, citrus, cooking and eating healthy, etc. To check out EDIS click this link:

How can 4-H parents and Leaders use EDIS?

Not only can 4-H members utilize EDIS but adults can too. Specifically for 4-H, adults can find information on EDIS about 4-H animal science programs, club risk management, club materials, 4-H school enrichment, and more. The University of Florida has also produced several different types of 4-H curriculum that has been published on the EDIS website. The majority of the curriculum is free and can be downloaded directly from EDIS. One example is a fantastic curriculum designed for youth and teachers focused on embryology. Eggcellent Adventures in Classroom Embryology is an 88 page curriculum produced by the University of Florida and is available in a downloadable PDF version on EDIS. If you are a 4-H leader or volunteer you can also take advantage of numerous publications available through EDIS. Everything from how to start your own 4-H club to planning a successful field trip is on EDIS. If you are a volunteer or parent that would like to access publications from the 4-H Volunteer Training Series you can click this link:

For more information on becoming involved in 4-H as member or volunteer please contact Chelsea Woodard at the UF/IFAS Extension Seminole County 4-H at or

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Posted: September 17, 2018

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