June 07 is World Food Safety Day

boy cracks an egg into a glass bowl held by an adult, while helping in the kitchen. [credit: pixabay.com, laterjay]
A young boy helps in the kitchen. [Credit: pixabay.com, Laterjay]

Now that school is out and we are spending more time with our family, inviting children into the kitchen can be a great way to create family memories and have some fun too. But it also brings the opportunity to teach children valuable cooking skills that should also include following food safety guidelines.

Recipes don’t have to be complicated! A simple fruit salad, homemade popsicles or lemonade and even a healthy trail mix can be fun. Children can also participate in the washing and drying of utensils and dishes.

World Food Safety Day is the great opportunity to draw attention to the importance of food safety for children and families and also share some fun together.

Remember the four steps to keep your family safe from food poisoning.

an individual washes their hands in a metal sink, with a container of hand soap nearby. [UF/IFAS Photo, Tyler Jones]
Washing hands. [Credit: UF/IFAS Photo, Tyler Jones] 
  • Clean – wash your hands (20 seconds), surfaces, utensils, cutting boards and kitchen cleanup.
  • Separate and don’t cross-contaminate! – use a separate cutting board for meats, poultry and fish and another for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Cook – use a food thermometer to measure proper internal temperatures of food before eating.
  • Chill – place foods back into the refrigerator within two hours if in a controlled environment and within 1 hour if outside in warm weather. 

For more detailed information on the four steps, visit some of my other blog posts.

And to help you get started in the kitchen with your children, The Partnership for Food Safety Education has some delicious recipes for you and your family to mix together!

Now, just relax and have some fun. 


Posted: June 1, 2023

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