Earth Day 2022: invest in our planet

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Earth Day is a worldwide celebration that takes place annually on April 22. The day represents the start of the environmental movement in in 1970, and for the past 52 years has raised awareness of environmental issues around the world.

This year’s Earth Day theme is “invest in our planet.” The goal of this year’s theme is to show governments, individuals, and businesses that small changes and green investments can have an immense impact if done collectively.

According to EarthDay.Org , the initiatives for each sector are as follows:


National and local government officials can open new doors by incentivizing their citizens, businesses, and institutions to create and innovate. They can create a fair global economic system to implement these innovations and changes without giving up their role to advance and protect the public’s interests in this transition.

Business and Investors:

Like other economic revolutions, inventors, innovators, businesses, and investors are the most likely to drive significant change. It is time for these change agents to step it up.  It is also up to us to require that they create value both for themselves and for society as they drive green innovation.


Tips from EarthDay.Org: Grow the Earth's canopy, end plastic pollution, build a green economy, restore our earth, switch to sustainable fashion
[Credit: EarthDay.Org]
As Individual citizens – voters, as watchdogs, and as consumers – we have the simple yet effective power to make our voices heard. What each of us does, and how we do it, has a huge ripple effect on our ecosystems, and on the pace of corporate and government action. We are responsible for holding business, governments, and others accountable and to support their efforts when they get it right.

How you can invest in our planet

Investing in our planet is about everybody doing their part – governments, industry, and individuals. It’s about creating a sustainable green economy with participation from all sectors. Below we also outline some ideas to help our community members think through how to “Invest In Our Planet” in 2022.

  • Consumers can educate themselves and opt for sustainable alternatives to common products
    • Purchase products that are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable
    • Shop for natural and eco-friendly cleaning and household products
    • Purchase natural beauty and personal care products
    • Shop local and organic
    • Support minority owned businesses
    • Use Sarasota County’s Green Maps to find Green Business Partners
  • Donate to local human service and environmental nonprofit organizations
  • Invest your time and volunteer with local organizations that are committed to sustainability
  • Check out our Eventbrite for upcoming classes to learn more about sustainability, solar energy and other green investments

Sarasota County’s Green Business Partnership

Green business partnership logo
[Credit: Sarasota County UF/IFAS Extension and Sustainability]
Sarasota County is committed to greening its own operations and local businesses. The Green Business Partnership is open to all businesses in Sarasota County. Certified Green Business partners operate in an environmentally responsible manner. More than 250 businesses have earned certification. Program certification includes an on-site verification of reduction, reuse and conservation practices in:

  • Business operations;
  • Solid waste management;
  • Recycling; and
  • Energy and water consumption.

Learn more about the Green Business Partners

More Involvement

Get more involved with sustainability through our online resources below. Help create a more sustainable community for generations to come by staying connected with us and celebrating Earth Day every day.

Additional resources:

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Posted: April 22, 2022

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