Sarasota County Green Business Partnership: A look back

Sarasota County Green Business Partnership logoOn Jan. 19, 2006, Dave’s Auto Repair became the first Sarasota County Green Business Partner. Join us in this blog series over the next several months as we highlight our partners by looking back over the past 15 years of this fantastic partnership!

Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting our GBP members to show how important each is to our efforts and to recognize their importance in our community. To learn more about our partners and how to join the program visit our participating partner’s webpage.

2006 Partners
  • Dave’s Auto Repair
    Dave’s Auto Repair was the first to be certified shortly after the Green Business Partnership was unveiled. It was, in fact, one of the county’s pilot participants. The company has incorporated environmental stewardship in every aspect of the business. It is particularly outstanding in its management of hazardous waste and used oil.
  • Babe’s Hardware of Englewood, Inc.
    Babe’s Ace Plumbing and Hardware has instituted effective recycling and resource conservation practices throughout its business. All employees, including management, administrative and field personnel are doing their part to ensure the success of the environmental program.
  • Suncoast Defensive Driving School
    Suncoast Driving School is committed to making the smallest footprint possible on our planet. It earned its certification in part for its use of hybrid vehicles and conscientious use of paperwork to conserve resources.
  • Venice Golf & Country Club
    The Venice Golf and Country Club is committed to continually improving our environmental performance across the areas of landscape and ecosystems; water; energy and resources; products and supply chains; environmental quality and people and communities.
  • Used Stuff, Inc.
    Used Stuff, Inc. exemplifies the principle of reuse by buying used furniture, doors, windows, countertops, cabinets, fixtures and other materials from home renovations. Working with the Green Business Partnership, Mapp and Robbins have implemented new practices for managing their hazardous waste and conserving energy.
2007 Partners:
  • Kessler Consulting, Inc.
    Kessler Consulting has built an impressive record of accomplishments by offering clients a full range of solid waste management consulting services, including the launch of the Sarasota County Green Business Partnership.
  • Whole Foods Market
    Whole Foods Market has incorporated environmental stewardship in all aspects of its business. The Sarasota store has earned a Silver LEED ranking.
  • Richard’s Whole Foods Store
    Six of Richard’s Foodporium locations are certified as Green Business partners. This locally owned business, which began in Sarasota in 1979, offers a variety of good, quality natural and specialty foods, as well as supplements, at affordable prices.
  • Sarasota Architectural Salvage
    Sarasota Architectural Salvage is by nature focused on waste reduction and material reuse, and they work passionately to keep local history out of the landfill.
  • Aqua Plumbing & Air Conditioning
    Aqua Plumbing and Air earned its Green Business certification by taking charge of the environmental aspects of its business, and its environmental performance reflects the management’s emphasis.
  • VRA, Inc.
    Promotional Products Distributor with over 20+ years of experience, including: sustainable, eco and green specialties, and Made in the U.S.A products.
  • Stantec
    Continually striving to balance economic, environmental and social responsibilities, it is recognized as a world-class leader and innovator in the delivery of sustainable solutions.
  • Mercedes Medical
    With a keen interest on efficiency and customer service, Mercedes has been successfully providing affordable physician and laboratory service for 20+ years.
  • Sarasota Memorial Health Care System
    Sarasota’s nationally ranked public hospital has established a green team that includes key management staff that includes operations, facilities maintenance and procurement, an often overlooked but critical area that is vital to integrating environmental stewardship in business culture.
  • The Ringling
    Stating with creating a green team to assist with environmental programs throughout their organization, the Ringling is working to improve their environmental performance with their buildings and grounds.
  • Dr. Michael Hughes
    Of particular note among the environmentally-friendly actions taken by Dr. Hughes in his dental office, is the installation of a mercury amalgam recovery system. This system will prevent mercury from going into drains and subsequently into the county’s wastewater treatment plant.
  • Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice
    The foundation encourages nonprofit organizations to build green, and it supports environmental conservation and education through its grants.
  • N&M Heating & Cooling
    Although not a measure included in the Green Business Partnership, N & M Cooling and Heating now requires its service staff and vendors dropping off supplies to shut off their vehicles during stops.
  • Shelby Financial Group
    Shelby Financial Group is dedicated to the education of individual investors and business owners regarding comprehensive financial management using a platform of socially responsible investments.
  • Waste Corp. of America
    WCA is a full-service, non-hazardous solid waste company providing collection and disposal services to commercial, industrial and residential customers.


About the Green Business Partnership

The Green Business Partnership is open to all businesses in Sarasota County. Certified Green Business partners operate in an environmentally responsible manner. More than 250 businesses have earned certification. Program certification includes an on-site verification of reduction, reuse and conservation practices in:

An array of LED light fixtures. [CREDIT:]
An array of LED light fixtures. [CREDIT:]
  • business operations;
  • solid waste management;
  • recycling; and
  • energy and water consumption.

Learn more about the Green Business Partnership by visiting, emailing, or calling 941.861.5000.


Posted: November 5, 2021

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