Edible Gardening Series: Question of the Week – tomatoes!

By Sarah Bostick and Carol Wyatt-Evens

Gardening in Florida can be incredibly rewarding and incredibly frustrating, at the same time. If you are new to the region, you soon learn that gardening in the Sunshine State can quickly become a full-time job. While our subtropical climate is perfect for growing an abundance of different vegetables, fruits, and herbs, it also can present some overwhelming challenges.

We can help! UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County agents and staff have created an online edible gardening resource center. The website features short videos from our 25-episode “Edible Gardening Series” webinars, along with blog posts and resources lists for episodes. Get help on an array of topics that befuddle many gardeners.


This week’s Question of the Week:
Tomatoes!! We had so many good questions this week, we decided to answer them all in written form! And there were so many that we decided to break them into four blog posts, each with its own theme. Click on the theme you are interested in reading more about and it will take you right to the post you are looking for:
bowl full of beautiful, multi-colored cherry tomatoes
Photo credit: Brent Olson (Pixabay)



The Edible Gardening Series and blog series is a partnership between the following UF/IFAS agents and Sarasota County staff:

  • Sarah Bostick, Sustainable Agriculture Agent
  • Carol Wyatt-Evens, Chemicals in the Environment Agent
  • Mindy Hanak, Community & School Gardens Educator
  • Kevin O’Horan, Communications Associate



Posted: February 11, 2021

Category: Agriculture, Fruits & Vegetables, Pests & Disease, Work & Life
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