Conservation cost-share programs for farmers and ranchers

Farmers and ranchers love their land.

Anyone who has ever made their living from the land knows that the health of your land affects the productivity of your land. And at the end of the day, productivity is what makes or breaks a business.

Anyone who has ever made a living from the land also knows that making improvements to your land often comes with a hefty price tag.

There are federal, state, local, and independent programs specially designed to help farmers and ranchers protect and improve the health of their land without breaking the bank. Click on each of the following three links to read about cost-share programs available to Florida farmers and ranchers:

If you want to learn more about any of the programs outlined in the links above but don’t feel quite ready to reach out to program staff, I am more than happy to talk with you (my contact information is at the tail of this post). I can also connect you directly with other local farmers and ranchers who participate in these programs so that you can hear about how these programs work directly from them.


Sarah Bostick
UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County
Office: 941-861-9810


Posted: September 23, 2020

Category: Agriculture, Natural Resources
Tags: Ag, Agriculture, Conservation, Environment, Farm, Farmer, Pgm_Ag, Ranch, Rancher, Sustainability

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